Our Technology

To ensure your restorations are milled to industry-leading precision, we use some of the most powerful digital technology in our labs. The accuracy of the workflow doesn’t just make for a great fit. It makes for the most aesthetic restorations available.


3Shape D810
3Shape D900
3Shape D1000 3Shape D2000
NobelProcera™ 2G
inEos X5

Using high-definition 5-megapixel cameras, red laser and blue LED technology, scanners translate your models – down to details such as texture and pencil indications – into STL files our technicians use as the foundation for every restoration we fabricate. With the ability to scan single dies as well as full arches, our scanning technology ensures every model we receive is digitized for the most accurate and precise restoration available.

3D Printing

Bego Varseo

Developed expressly for dental laboratories, the Bego Varseo provides the capacity to print in a wide range of materials, allowing digital fabrication of surgical guides, models, denture bases, partial framework wax-ups, custom trays and temporaries.

Dental Mills

Digital Dental Lab Dental Mill III
Digital Dental Lab Dental Mill IV
Digital Dental Lab Dental Mill V
imes-icore 350i

Designed expressly for digital dental milling, these four and five-axis milling machines are are flexible enough to mill zirconia, PMMA and wax. Our battery of digital mills fabricate restorations that bring the impeccable accuracy of a restoration designed in a CAD system to life without losing any of its detail.

Laser Welder

Eliminating the need to solder, our laser welder allows our technicians to repair cast partials, resulting in welds far finer than those produced by traditional repair methods.