We’re a full-service lab with a large enough staff to employ technicians who specialize in every field. As we draw on our technicians’ experience in their niche, we can ensure consistent craftsmanship and undeviating quality standards on every case

Combining the meticulous accuracy of restorations fabricated using CAD/CAM technology with the experience and deft touch of seasoned technicians, we offer crowns and veneers that meet the most exacting aesthetic standards.

Whether you’re a general practitioner or a periodontist, Lumident’s abutment specialists are ready to work with you to craft everything from single-unit implants to screw-retained bridges that are as easy to seat as they are aesthetic.

Knowing how to create lifelike, functional removables is just the first step in a successful denture case. Knowing what options work best for your patient is just as important, so Lumident works with your practice to produce dentures that meet each case’s unique needs.

Because we’re a full-service lab, we accept most orthodontics cases, and craft every appliance in house without outsourcing, ensuring all orthodontic work meets our quality standards.